Stanley Bridge Hotel

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This place is warm and homely, with an open fire.

The menu has a lot of $10 options, and of the rest, most of the items are steaks.

The Stanley Breast

Pan-fried crumbed chicken breast, filled with sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and mushroom, served with mushroom sauce and the Stanley's famous slaw and chunky chips.

Chicken is usually not particularly interesting, but this is much better than usual. It's very soft and juicy. I can cut through it with my fork.

The gravy on the outside is just gravy, but it has a hint of a fruity or spicy flavour. The stuffing on the inside of the chicken is mushy, and adds a nondescript, light vegetable taste.

The bowl of slaw is good too. It's not a bitey coleslaw, but a bowl of creamy and pleasant bits of carrot, apple and cabbage.

Rachael's Homemade Apple Pie

Baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

I retire to the foyer, and sit on the armchair by the fire. Just what is needed after that oversized main course.

The apple pie is brought to me by the fire. :)

The apple pie is big and very chunky. It's not cooked to the point of being mushy. The icing-sugar on the pastry adds a bit of sweetness to it, and the sultanas in the pie add small bursts of flavour.

Over all, it's simple, tasty home-cooking style food.

Now, better get home before Siri runs out of battery and stops talking to me.

:) :)
Service, armchair by fire