Stanley Bridge Hotel

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This place prides itself on its friendly atmosphere and lack of pokies

Damn you Nick Xenophon! I only brought one dollar with me. I was planning on winning big and turning it into enough for a three-course meal. :(


This is like a fish steak. It's covered in all kinds of herbs, and pepper. This is a very potent taste indeed, but it's not necessarily pleasant. It's a bit more normal after I dip it in the tartare sauce.

The fish is not cooked in the middle. Instead of being white and easy to pull apart, it becomes clear and more like a solid jelly. However, it's a big piece of fish, and 80% of it is fine.

In my culture (of eating fancy feeds), unadorned white rice is a very bad omen. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it. I eats bit of it, and it's a bit on the solid side.

The salad is much better. There's a small amount of apple and raisin in there. Just enough to counter the slight sourness of the cabbage.

Pear, walnut & fig crumble

Served with pouring cream.

The slightly-cooked walnuts in here have a strange, chewy texture. There's also far too many of them. Underneath the muesli, they're the main component. I don't mind walnuts, but I don't want to eat something that's 60% walnuts, especially with no soft or cake textures with it.

The pear is also reasonsbly solid. It's an odd range of textures. Nothing's really soft in here.