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Long drive out here from the city. The place is by the beach, in the middle of nowhere. I could hear the waves crashing as I walked up to the restaurant. I'll avoid ordering chips, lest I attract a flock of unfashionable seagulls.

This is the 200th episode of The Feed Report.

Snapper ceviche

Sounds interesting. I put it in my mouth, and taste a bit of cucumber, but that's quickly overtaken by the horrifying taste of coriander. In the low light, I failed to spot it. I quickly take a gulp of my Diet Coke, and swallow the rest of the spoonful.

Those who do not hate coriander would certainly give this a higher score. :)

Black Angus beef eye fillet

Smoked potato croquette, parsnip purée, Pommery mustard, port jus.

What Pommery is this?

The meat is soft and juicy on the inside, and the sauce gives it a salty, tangy exterior.

The piece with the mustard on it is the same meat, but the mustard is a bit mushy, and it detracts from the taste of the meat. On some crappy meat, mustard is usually an improvement. Not here.

I like parsnips, but the purée is even better. It's unnaturally smooth, and has a strong parsnip taste.

The potato croquette is like a big Sea Shanty, but finer.

The fractal broccoli is nothing special.

Poached local pears and plums

oat crumble, vanilla mascarpone.

Nothing here stands out. It's all very pleasant, and reminds me of breakfast. The oaty crumble is just sweet, the pear tastes unsweetened, and the cream doesn't add any taste.

The prunes have a stronger taste, but there are only a few of them.

The textures were good here, and everything was pleasant, so this wasn't bad, despite lacking a strong taste.