Star House

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Note to self: Avoid city centre on Friday nights.

The place is packed with pedestrians and cranky motorists.

The waiter seats me promptly, by evicting a couple from a small table, and giving it to me. Now that's service!

Steamed pork spare ribs

In black bean sauce.

There's a lot of flavour in the meat here. It's not just salt either. It's more like soy sauce, but I can't put my finger on it.

The dish is obviously very simple, however.

Turns out it was just the black beans providing the flavour.

Red Bean Pancake

These little squares contain only a fine layer of bean. It adds nothing to the taste, and only a fine graininess to the texture.

The rest of this dessert is simply pastry. It's crispy in the outside, and doughy on the inside. It's not particularly sweet, and it doesn't really have a flavour. When I combine it with the el cheapo whipped cream, the whipped cream just melts, and disappears.

:( :(
Parking. Though, parking above the Central Market is very cheap.