The Strand

Halp! I'm stranded!

Hmm. This looks a little bit like a regular Italian eatery. However, there are some more expensive items in a corner of the menu. Phew!

King Henry pork

Pick cutlet, parsnip & chive mash, braised cabbage, house made apple sauce.

I'm no expert on English history, but I'm pretty sure King Henry Pork never existed.

This pork chop is big and juicy. It's covered in a kind of relish. It's mild, but has lots of tang. The parsnip purée, which there isn't enough of, goes very nicely with the tangy pickle. I like tangy and creamy things together, though usually in a dessert. :)

There are too many garnishes here. The chutney is good. Then there are pickles on top of that. And then there are chives on top of that.

Then, it's time to eat the salad. It's full of pickled cabbage! What dill was responsible for this?


There is no 'zert menu. Only the infamous "window of cakes"! :|

Daniel: "Could you bring all the cakes to my table?"
Waitress: "No, I'm sorry. We can't do that."

I amble to the cake window, where the man at the counter recommends the Paris-Brest.

Sounds rude. :|

I'm served the dessert, and my analysis begins.

What better way to accompany a dessert that's full of cream?

A dollop of whipped cream, of course!


This is mostly made of choux pastry. It's like crispy bread, but sweet. Then there's the sweet cream innards. The only thing that's missing here is an actual flavour. "Sweet" is not a flavour. The two pieces of apricot were the highlight of this dish.

That was a lot of sugar and fat. I'll need to go for a long drive, and burn it off.

:( :(
Parking on streets to the south.