Sukhumvit Soi 38

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This place is in the north-east of the CBD, next to Hungry Jacks. If I don't like the food here, I can always go and get myself a Happy Meal. :)

Uh oh. This place was miscategorised on Urbanspoon. It's not very fancy. :(

I hope no one recognises me. :|

Pad Thai

Street style fried noodles with or without chicken and egg.

Waitress: "Would you like chicken and egg?"
Daniel: "I'll have the first one, please."

This is a big pile of flat noodles and chicken. It has some spring onion in it, but there's also a strange sweetness and taste, like sugar and cinnamon or lemon. It's not quite appropriate.

Khanom pang ai tim

Coconut ice cream sandwich with pineapple chunks, peanuts, sweet sticky rice and carnation milk.

An ice cream sandwich isn't supposed to actually contain bread, but this one does.

The "sandwich" here is basically a finger bun, but less soft on the inside.

As one might expect, coarse bread and ice cream don't actually go together.

The "bread" has a line of rice pudding in it. It differs only slightly in taste from the rest of the bread/ice cream of the rest of the dessert.

The tiny bits of pineapple and peanut don't do anything for the fairly weak coconut ice cream.

:( :( :(