Suree’s Thai Kitchen

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I’m running out of nearby fancy restaurants, so I’m now going to the highest-rated restaurants in the next price category down.


King prawns stir-fried with basil and fresh seasonal vegetables.

The prawns were nice and tender, and didn’t have a “pooey bit”, but all in all, this was another ubiquitous Asian “crispy vegetables with rice” dish. Not the fine fare that Trusty Dan expects. I give them credit for respecting my desire to not be incinerated by chilli.


With home-made coconut ice cream. Waiter insists that it’s better than anything on the menu.

That was rather strange. The rice was soft, chewy, and not sweet, but it was sitting in what seemed like milk, but sweeter. It’s hard to describe, but the basic coconut ice cream had a very refreshing, watery taste. The ice cream contained semi-sweet chunks of soft coconut, for extra weirdness. I was neutral about this odd dessert at first, but it grew on me a bit by the finish.