Sushi Bar Genki

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I wanted to go to Matsuri, next door, but those lazy bums are having their one day off a year.

There's a giant conveyor belt of food in the middle, but all the seats around it are taken.

I'm seated along the wall. There's an iPad here, which I'm told I can order from. I can also just grab things from the conveyor belt. I'll see if that's possible. This iPad is mounted to the wall, at a 90° to me.

Salmon and avocado roll

The rice here was fresh, and this was a reasonable combination of a starchy base, and some creaminess and fishy flavour.

Now, for something more interesting.


Sweet deep fried tofu and shiitake mushroom.

This has rice and sesame seeds inside. However, its thin outside crust tastes like the wet crust of a cheap loaf of brown bread.

Lobster potato salad

I got this one because of how awful it looked. :)

Update: lobster potato salad is as bad as it sounds. It has the taste of fishy lobster, and the texture of mashed potato. The redeeming feature here is that the lobster potato salad is only the top bit. The rest is rice.


Slow braised salmon cheeks with vegetables.

This has a reasonably strong fish taste, in a very sweet sauce, much like honey chicken would have.

The whole thing is cold. It's possible to ask someone to heat up your dish, but I don't know how hot a dish is (or whether it needs heating.)

The dish contains a massive amount of scale, skin, and both large and small bones, all connected. I have to spit out my whole mouthful at one point.

Excellent tip: you can clean sticky hands by using the condensation on the outside of your drink. I do this all the time. :)

Apple yoghurt mousse

This is brought to me by the waitress ("worker" might be more appropriate.)

I marvel at its beautiful presentation for a moment.

I have no idea what this little tub is. Looks like soy sauce. Turns out to be a kind of a maple syrup.

This dessert is surprisingly not awful. It's a heavy mousse, with the recognisable but light flavours of both yogurt and apple. The maple syrup isn't quite an appropriate sauce here, but it's in the ballpark.

This place doesn't quite qualify as the McDonald's of Japanese food. The quality isn't high enough. You should only come here if you're both poor and Japanese.

:) :)
Novelty of the conveyor belt
Absence of service
:( :(
Cramped seating for most people. Crap surroundings, including plastic plates and cutlery.