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I've been given a number (actually a raffle ticket.) I asked for it, after seeing some other numbered people be shown to a table.

The place is brightly lit like a delicatessen, and is full of trendies, Asians, and trendy Asians.

Patrons sit around a central food preparation area, and between the two is a conveyor belt with a hundred or so dishes circulating.

I'm shown to a seat, amongst other patrons. I ask what the deal is, and I'm told I can eat anything I like, and that they'll bill me based on the colours of my empty plates at the end. They vary from $3 for a purple plate, up to $8 for yellow.

I'm going to observe for a while. Sushi, desserts, and cutlery have come past.


Strong vegetable flavours come through here. The crispiness is nice, and the creamy, salty sauce adds a nice kick.

Seafood balls

These contain small prawns, and a kind of potato mash. It's pleasant enough, and the crispy exterior adds some texture.

The tangy creamy sauce might be the same culprit from the previous dish.

Back to observation of the conveyor belt. I regret skipping those dumplings. Will see if they come around.

Seaweed salad

Oops. Thought this was a regular salad. ;D

At least my neighbours have left, leaving me some arm room and personal space.

The seaweed has a slightly odd taste, and a sloppy, crunchy texture. The big problem here is that there are too many strong tastes. The soy sauce and lemon are both fairly overbearing.

'zert, or one more main course?



Oops. Forgot to nab a fork.

Woohoo. Here come the forks!

This tiramisu is a powdery mush. The cake is mushier than the layers of cream. Also, it's partly frozen, with ice crystals at its centre.

The mousse part barely tastes like chocolate.

I abandon this slice of permafrost.

Despite issues with the food here, this is a highly novel experience. I've never seen anything like it in Adelaide.

The choice of food, and the control over timing and portion size is great.

Being ten centimetres away from each neighbour is not.

:) :) :) :)
Feedveyor belt system
:( :(
Squashed in with other patrons
:( :(