Tara Restaurant

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It's a very quiet night tonight. I'm the only person here.

There's no Diet Coke here, only organic cola. Sugar is natural, and is therefore good for you.

The menu here is very international. It has an East and a West page, and all kinds of dishes representative of various countries.

The waitress is happy to give me lots of input regarding choosing a dish. We eventually narrow it down to something with zero percent chance of coriander infestation.


This is more interesting than bread.

The yoghurt and herb dip has a refreshing taste. The red dip is a tasty and spicy chutney.

Sukiyaki (Japan)

A wholesome delicious and belly warming vegetarian hot pot with seasonal vegetables, enoki mushrooms and silken Japanese tofu.

I think there's a ratio problem here. :)

I evict the extraneous salad from my plate, so I can pour out the rice and hot pot.

I'm brought more rice.

This is very pleasant. It's just soft vegetables and tofu in a watery sauce that has the taste of bok choi and soy sauce. Very simple, but tasty and flavourful enough.

This is enough feed for two or more people. I ask for a doggy bag, to put it in, but they only have human bags. Good enough.

Sago pudding

With coconut milk, berries and some other stuff I didn't hear correctly.

The sago is gooey and pleasant, like a kind of sweet porridge. The coconut milk adds a nice creaminess to the dessert, and the mango adds flavour and tanginess.

Again, simple, pleasant tastes. Too big again, but that's not a huge problem. :)

This dessert asked that I enjoy it, and I concurred.