Tara Restaurant

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Last time I was here, the place was empty. It still is. The food was good, but that's not a good sign for the business.

The waitress presents me with the menu of exotic international dishes. She later returns to tell me that they also have schnitzel with chips.

The new menu is very much smaller and cheaper, with only four options. However, they all come from different parts of the world.

Ginger chicken (Singapore)

Free range chicken fillets cooked in ginger pandan broth, topped with sesame-tamari, and served with Asian greens, cucumber and ginger rice.

The pandan broth tastes like soy sauce or oyster sauce, or some other tasty soup.

I ask the waitress what the little bowl of brown bits is. She doesn't know either. Turns out it's fried ginger. It adds a potent taste to the food that's not the same as raw ginger.

Pears poached in red wine and orange juice

I'm not sure the waitress is actually a waitress. She's full of giggles, but provides lots of honest and useful advice, like "don't get that one. It's just some quinoa." Also, she forgets to take my plate. :)

The pear isn't loaded with sugar, and doesn't have any real garnish. It's just simple and pleasant.

The candied walnuts are interesting on their own, but don't add or detract anything from the dish.

I've had fairly good food here, but the waitress tells me the restaurant is struggling to get customers. There really are no other bookings tonight. I hope it survives until my next visit. :)