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Chicken breast with speck, mushrooms, red wine & thyme. This is apparently a deconstructed coq au vin.

This was quite a large feed. In the middle of the mound were two rather hefty pieces of chicken. They were soft and juicy, but too much. This dish was a sort of a roast dinner. There was a large amount of mashed potato, and a chunky brown vegetable garnish. The vegetable garnish needed to be stronger, on a plate of mild mushrooms, mash, and chicken. Scattered bacon rinds and pickled onions didn’t really add anything here.

Time to walk off that main course. Regret snacking on yesterday’s crappy dinner all day today. :]


With rhubarb.

The pie was smooth, with a texture somewhat like smooth peanut butter, and an unknown starchy taste. The crispy sugar clusters added a nice crunch. I taste sourness more strongly than most people, so the rhubarb (garnished with orange rind) was slightly on the sour side, but was juuust edible. The pieces of rhubarb had a nice texture. They were soft, but not mooshy or stringy.