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This restaurant does not possess an unusual amount of tranquility. There is a mild hubbub here, punctuated by some annoying laughs.

It is a bit coldo, however.

All of a sudden, I hear a cricket repeatedly chirping. I ask the waitress, and she investigates. My guess is that it's an attempt at tranquil sound effects, but it turns out not to be. The waitress hears it, but can't identify it either. It's probably some dingbat who set their phone's ringtone to a cricket chirp, without realising they were too senile to answer it, should it ring.

It's gone now. :)

Kangaroo fillet

Marinated fillet char-grilled medium-rare, served with sweet potato mash topped with buttered spinach and beetroot jus.

"Skipp-y, Skipp-y, Skippy the bush kangaroo.

Skipp-y, Skipp... BANG!!!"

The kangaroo is infused with a very strong and tasty marinade. I enquire as to its provenance (or whatever you're supposed to do), and am told it's vinegar, sweet chilli sauce, garlic, and all kinds of other potent stuff.

The macabre blood-red beetroot sauce adds a tangy flavour to the already-flavourful meat.

Belgium Sugar Waffle

A hot Belgium delicacy topped with maple syrup ice cream and accompanied by raspberry compote.

I'm no cook, but I can make waffle. :)

This waffle is salty!

Much like my language. :)

The saltiness adds a level of depth to the waffle. It's not just a boring substrate on which the real taste happens.

I always like berries and anything creamy, but the fist-sized orb of ice cream here is a bit excessive.