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A bit fancy here. Have to dodge the pâté, foie gras, and other filthy offal. 


With Parmesan mousse.

That was like a very light pastry with a giant gob of butter in the middle. Tasted slightly desserty.

Bread too. The typical “bread with oil” hasn’t grown on me yet. Sometimes you also get balsamic vinegar. Sometimes you get salt. Sometimes you get a jar that contains smoke.

Leek & fromage blanc tart

Smoked beetroot, gruyere crisp, pumpernickel & beurre rouge.

The tart was fairly innocuous, with the pleasant but mild vegetable taste of the leek, and a crumbly floury pie crust. This was all a fairly strange combination. The lettuce was more filler, but the warm, slightly crispy beets were full of flavour. The strange disc on top tasted like a piece of fried cheese, though this dish is listed as vegan. This weird cheesy thing didn’t really go with anything else. This dish was a pile of mild, pleasant components.


Vanilla sable & dried strawberry.

The desiccated strawberries with icing sugar are interesting. Like a strawberry potato chip. The crust on this creme brulee is reasonably thick, but is slightly sugary, and not as toffee-like as that of most creme brulees. I can’t cut the large millstone-looking thing while it sits atop the creme brulee, so I eat around it. The custard is passable. The texture is good, but slightly on the thin side. Its taste isn’t anything too amazing or rich. I get to the end and dissect the millstone. It’s a shortbread. A shortbread doesn’t really go with a creme brulee, and after eating something so sweet, I didn’t really feel like eating something only slightly sweet, like a shortbread.