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I checked. The Treasurer isn't in right now. :( I wanted to talk about instant-writeoff for my dinner. :)

I might also have a look around, a bit later. I've got a feeling there might be valuable stuff somewhere in here. Shhh.

Lamb loin

Caponata, white bean puree, sheep's milk labna, jus.

The meat has a nice, tasty seared exterior. The red stuff is a slightly tangy mush of vegetables. It's significantly comprised of tomato. It's quite edible, but isn't an amazingly refined taste that would add to the meat. Also, there's a very small amount of something super-sour in the vegetables. I think it's in the pickled eggplant. It's not sour or spicy, it's just slightly painful, like it's acidic. Apparently the blame lies with the capers.

The labna is like ricotta cheese, but it's cold, which tastes a bit out of place in a dish like this.


Strawberries, moscato jelly, custard, amaretti biscuit.

This is actually a very simple dessert. The custard is simple and not eggy. The strawberries are in big chunks, and the topping is crushed-up biscuit. It's the moscato jelly that makes all the difference here. It's a simple, almost-medicinal alcoholic taste, that stands out above the other tastes.

:( :(