Treasury on King William

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I think I'm in a part of the Town Hall building.

No coriander in sight here, but offal abounds.

Confit leg of duck

Braised witlof, Brussels sprouts, roast garlic, bacon lardons (strips), sweet red wine sauce.

I don't know that I've ever had really good confit duck. I generally avoid ordering it, but tonight it was a good way to avoid the sluice-full of offal that was on offer. This confit duck is probably about as good as I've seen it. It's chunky and well-cooked, with giant grains of salt. Salt+meat is a very simple taste, but it can be a good one.

The witlof and Brussels sprouts are soft, and everything is bathed in a fairly neutral thin red sauce.

The superfluous little roll of duck meat and pastry ends up being very similar to a dim sim.

Well-cooked duck is just too much like boring chicken. Even at its best, it's nothing amazing. If you're going to pay for fancy duck, don't get confit. Get some other kind of duck dish.

Chocolate & red wine pudding

Warm chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream, blueberry compote.

I'm recommended this dessert in no uncertain terms. :)

The pudding is like a boring, cocoa-ey sponge cake. The red wine texture comes through a bit here, but it's a slightly "off" taste, that doesn't fit well amongst the other components.

There are numerous textures here, but there are clumps of sugar that are offputting, amongst this.

Without the red wine taste, and crunchy sugar, this would still just be some average cake with ice cream. The blueberries are lost in the complexity and similar wine taste.

:( :( :(