Uleybury Wines

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After a long drive, and twenty minutes driving up and down Uley Road, I'm finally here.

These no-number places out in whoop-whoop are always a pain. I ask Siri, and she concurs with this analysis, though she cannot connect to the internet, because we're too far from civilisation here.


Garlic base, prosciutto, cherry tomato, asiago cheese, red onion & fresh basil.

The pizza is simple, and its surface is sparsely inhabited by toppings, but it has a good cheesiness, and is covered in herbs and spices.


Stewed pink lady apples served with vanilla gelati.

The crispy pastry here is good, but the apple and cinnamon within is fairly bland. The vanilla ice cream obviously doesn't help much.

Other than a lack of strong flavours, there's nothing wrong with this, however. There's actually a nice damper-like burnt flavour to the pastry here, but it's not enough.