Vietnam Kitchen

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In a little cluster of high-rating Asian restaurants, at the very bottom of Pulteney Street.

I can SMELL CORIANDER!!! :O It's slightly offputting. I must remain wary in this dangerous place.

Coconut and lemongrass chicken

The chicken is just cooked chicken. It's not fried or grilled, or anything. It doesn't really add anything to the taste. The main taste is the slightly creamy, sweet and sour sauce. It's pleasant, but certainly nothing special. The packet crushed nuts are very much out of place here. They're not cooked, and add a strange new taste to a very mildly-flavoured dish.

Fried ice cream

The topping options are strawberry, caramel, and chocolate. I think I can visualise the 4L Cottee's Topping bottle these will be coming from.

This is just a scoop of ice cream in a glass, with Cottee's caramel topping. The only difference is a slightly crispy, fairly bready layer surrounding the ice cream. There's no contrast between hot and cold here, nor is the ice cream partly melted.

Both courses brought out within a few minutes if ordering.