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I haven't met Roy, but I'm hoping he's exceptionally vile.

I ask the waitress what the best thing on the menu is. She says the lamb, fish, and duck, and then immediately walks away before I can reply.

The (I assume) proprietor visits my table. He provides me with lots of information.

Port Lincoln Mulloway

The fish is chewy and reasonably tasty. Maybe some kind of a sauce would've been nice here. The asparagus, potatoes and tomatoes are all nice, but only in their own rights.

The pomegranate is interesting, but but it's not strong enough to be very noticeable.

Banana custard caramel

With Dulce du Leche

Sounds good, whatever it is.

The tart has a sweet, very dry, and crunchy shell, and the banana in the tart has a layer of toffee on it. This adds a lot of sweetness directly to the banana, and enhances the "cooked banana" taste.

The ice creamy Dulce du Leche isn't needed. The tart is complex and tasty enough on its own.

The Dulce du Leche has a very strong flavour of its own, and I'm happy to eat it separately. It has a nice golden syrup taste.

American waitress only minimally polite/helpful