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Seated by the big open window. Very seaside.

I've been to Vileroy before, and found it did not live up to its name. The food was not vile, and there was no one called Roy here. (I did ask.)

There's a whole lot of shouting going on here. I discover it's some kind of a quiz night. It's disrupting my feed time! I can get aggressive if my feeding is disturbed.

Za atar crusted saltbush lamb

Chickpeas and mint salsa.

The meat is squish and juicy, and fairly rare. It has a slightly excessive char on it, but that's not a problem when it's eaten with the vegetables. The vegetables have a very strong cumin taste, but the tomatoes also have a really strong flavour.

The chickpeas are bland filler here, but the dish has enough flavour of its own.

Belgian chocolate fondant

Sparkling Shiraz blackberry ice cream.

The fondant itself is nothing special. It's just a chocolate cake with a bit of cocoa-ey sauce inside. The Shiraz ice cream, however, is an amazing taste. It's got the distinctive wine taste, but in a new context.

The parts of this dessert don't really go together. I'd rather just eat more Shiraz ice cream than waste it trying to add interest to the fondant.