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Back at Vile Roy. Food here has been very good on my previous two visits.

There's not much on the menu that I haven't had before, and isn't infested with chilli.

Char grilled Cape Grim fillet of beef

Roasted garlic, deep fried egg, pancetta roasted potatoes.

The steak has a potent green herb paste on it. I think there's mint in it, which seems slightly odd on a steak.

The deep-fried egg on top of this feed-tower is essentially a hard-boiled egg with a slight batter. It adds as much taste to a piece of steak as could be expected from a hard-boiled egg — none.

The potato underneath has lots of taste from the pancetta, and it being many fried pieces, not a single slab. It doesn't do a huge amount for my steak though.

Tart tartine (Quince)

With ice cream.

The sourness of the quince is certainly gone. However, the fruit doesn't really have much taste. It has the texture of pear, but no taste. Being warm, crispy and sweet really isn't enough for a dessert, though it is very pleasant.

Also, I'm not sure why my ice cream has a yellow tinge to it. :)