Vino Ristorante

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This is only in Urbanspoon’s $$ category, but last time I was here, they served up some decent feed. I had intended to go somewhere fancier, but discovered that that place was closed.

This place really stands out for its flamboyant Italian head waiter.


Free range tender chicken fillet flamed in Sicilian marsala with mushrooms and fresh basil and finished with cream.

The chicken is fairly soft, but with a slight chew to it. Everything in the dish sits in a kind of slightly-creamy broth in the bottom of the plate. This broth is salty and buttery, and has a strong herby taste. I thought it might contain something like cumin, but this herby taste turns out to just be marsala, parsley, and spring onion. Tasty nonetheless.

The dish is a bit one-note, with a variety of reasonable components in the same sauce, but the sauce does have a good amount of flavour.


The custard itself has almost no taste. It’s not unpleasant, however. It’s very much like drinking a glass of milk.

Despite this, it’s a good base to add texture and bulk to the raspberry coulis on top, which is sweet and full of flavour.

The toffee is irrelevant, but is nicely done, and amusing for a few bites.