Wasai Japanese Kitchen

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Urbanspoon's "$$" price category is full of Australian pubs, and foreign restaurants. My feeling is that the foreign restaurants will be far superior to the pubs.

Tori Mayonnaise

Grilled chicken topped with a spicy garlic chive mayonnaise served with teriyaki sauce and vegetables.

I didn't think Japanese feed had coriander in it. Luckily I asked. It will be omitted from tonight's feed.

Also, I'm not sure that Japanese have mayonnaise either. :|

(EDIT: Yes, they have mayonnaise now, but traditionally, Japanese cuisine didn't use dairy products.)

The chicken strips are soft and lightly cooked. Chicken is often boring, but this is topped by a potent sour dairy sauce.

There's a lot of chicken on this plate, and I eventually tire of it.

Yuzu cheesecake

Japanese - style baked cheesecake flavoured with yuzu citrus.

This is a very typical lemon cheesecake. The lemon taste here is faint, and I certainly can't differentiate it from regular lemon.

The cake here is interesting and moist enough, so the cream is redundant.

Japanese cooking is often great, but their desserts are typically mediocre at very best.