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Anyone coming here should be aware that this place is hard to find. It's at the west part of Belair Road, near the very sharp bend. Look out for a large car park.

Restaurants are getting busy at this time of year. My previous choice was booked out. I'll note that on my report when I go there on Friday.

350 gram Chateaubriand of beef

Roasted Murray Valley Gold export grade grain fed beef fillet served with three sauces, creamed spinach and hand cut potatoes.

Side serve of Black Russian Tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella, balsamic and parsley.

Apparently chateaubriand is the finest cut of meat. The meat is extremely soft and juicy. It almost has the texture of being raw, despite the fact that it's cooked.

The creamed spinach is slightly unappetising. It has none of the sweetness of normal spinach, and has a slight grain and burnty taste.

The first sauce is the horseradish cream. It has a very slight bite to it, but has a strong cheesy taste, like ricotta.

The second is the barbecue sauce. This is spicy and vinegary, and packs a punch. Too much punch for me, but this is still a very flavourful sauce.

The third sauce is the bearnaise. I can't taste any bears. It's herby and cheesy, but has this weird and distasteful sweetness to it. It's like I dipped my meat in custard.

The tomatoes are a very nice salad. They're not really like normal tomatoes. They're not sweet or acidic. They just provide texture. Some are green. The balsamic vinegar here adds a nice taste, and the pieces of grilled cheese are juicy and cheesy.

The chateaubriand was some of the best unadulterated meat I've had, but the spinach and bearnaise just tasted off.

That was a lot of feed. After a walk around the car park, I'm ready for 'zert.

Earl Grey Panna Cotta

With salted walnuts, fig jam, molasses sugar and baby celery leaves.

This is what it sounds like. It's just a bizarre combination of texture and flavour.

The granules of sugar on top really evoke a cup o' tea. The consistency is a bit on the creamy side for panna cotta, but you almost wouldn't notice this underneath the wacky taste.

The walnuts on top have a kind of candy shell. This is unusually interesting, given that walnuts usually aren't adorned with anything at all. The figs have a slight sourness to them that just adds a tiny amount of interest.

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