Windy Point

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Place has a separate bar at the front, where they ply you with a drink immediately, while they organise a table for you. Good thinking.

Nice to be here for sunset.

Everyone else is in their eveningwear. They must think Windy Point is fancy or something.

St Vincent Gulf Snapper Fillet

With Murray River pink salt, lemon cheek, heritage tomato salsa and rouille.

The fish is soft and buttery, and has close to the perfect texture you could imagine for a fish. There's lots of things to dip it in. Time to begin.

The rouille has a mild capsicum taste. It's nice, but not amazing like the fish.

The salsa has a variety of slightly tangy flavours, like tomato and onion. Because it's cut up so finely, it all meshes together into one interesting but pleasant tangy taste.

Definitely the best fish I've ever had. Had to think about giving this a ten. I didn't need to adulterated it with the lemon or salt.

Chocolate Mélange for two... FOR ONE!!!

Told to eat these right to left.

Glacé cherry and chocolate parfait:
Tastes like cherry ripe ice cream. Rich. 7/10

Mocha panna cotta:
The little coffee cup is edible. I eat the whole thing. It's contents are too much like cream. 6/10

Hazelnut chocolate palet:
I eat its long antenna, before dissecting the brick underneath. It's fairly solid and chocolatey mousse. 8/10

Chocolate mousse cornetto:
More mousse. 6/10

White chocolate cheesecake:
Very rich. Has a slight cheesy tang. Have had enough chocolate. 7/10

Butterscotch crème brûlée:
Has a strong taste of regular custard. This is actually nice, here. Maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon. Good strong flavours. Has caramel in bottom. 8/10

Over all: very good, but too much for one person.

:) :) :) :)