Windy Point

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The second to last restaurant in my Top 5.

Place is full of people in their Sunday best. It's possible that I look out of place in my multi-coloured Adidas streetwear. :)

Sous Vide Sher Wagyu Rump

With pea and mint mash, smoky leek and roast garlic.

The meat is quite chewy, and it doesn't have a huge amount of taste. The mild taste would be okay, but the edges of the meat are charred, and this makes the charred carbon taste the dominant flavour here.

Eating the meat with the pea and mint mash is an improvement. The pea and mild mint tastes give a sort of casserole taste, which is better than carbon.

The smoky leek is an even better flavour. It's surprisingly strong, but is only a small component of the dish. It's like smoked bacon, but stronger, but in the form of a vegetable-y leek.

Sorbet and Seasonal Fruits

Coconut, passionfruit and mango sorbet, fruits and coconut tagliatelle.

This is essentially a fruit salad with some scoops of sorbet, but it's probably the best fruit salad I've had. What it lacks in depth, it makes up in breadth.

All the fruit here tastes good. Not sure if they got lucky, it have a system fir getting good fruit. There are many different types of fruit, and it's interesting enough just eating eight different pieces of plain fruit in a row.

The sorbets are similar, but the mango one's strong mango flavour stands out. I'm not sure if I'd pair sorbet with fruit, but it all tastes good, and is designed to be eaten separately.

The tiny bits of coconut "tagliatelle" are a but odd. They're slivers of coconut jelly masquerading as actual fruit.

After dinner choccies

This is new.

The little white one is a light meringue. I eat it, but never detect any other flavour than meringue.

The chocolate is smooth and sweet, and its innards are a confusing but tasty mix of caramel and citrus.

:) :) :)
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