Windy Point

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One of my favourites. The view is obviously spectacular, but the feed is also among the best in Adelaide. It's been a while since my last visit, but this place was in my Top 5 restaurants in Adelaide.

Huon Trout

With buttered purple bliss potatoes, smoky leek, pea purée and peperonata.

I like salty fish, but this is just a bit too salty. The pea purée has a very strong raw pea taste, that's almost minty. As an addition to the fish, I'm not looking for something with such a strong individual flavour. I'm looking for something blander, more akin to mashed potato. It does have a nice pea taste however, so I'm happy to eat it by itself.

The smoky leeks sound much better than they taste. They have an unusual burnt taste.

The purple potatoes, now turned black, taste like regular potato, but much stronger and richer.

The last thing I feed upon is the peperonata. It's a mixture of onion and capsicum, cooked. It's. Bit like salsa, but onionier. It's just too strong for the fish, mainly because of the onion. It just smothers the flavour of the fish, much like the pea purée did.

Jellies, Meringue, Custard and Ice Cream

This doesn't sound very fancy, but I'm told it is quite fancy. It's "not jelly in a cup". :)

Some of the jellies are strongly alcoholic (and not really sweet), which wasn't described on the menu. However, when mixed with the sweet custard and the amazingly sweet meringues, the jelly's flavour is better balanced out.

The marshmallow-shaped things are actually little rolls of dusted ice cream. However, it's just not particularly sweet. It has a mild apricot flavour, and makes the ice cream strongly reminiscent of those apricot and coconut lollies.

The non-alcoholic jellies have a variety of unusual flavours. There's "Overpowering Cherry", "Weak Pineapple" and "Granny Smith Apple Pulp".

There's a line of very sweet berry syrup down the middle of this dish, but it took me a while to realise this.

The sweetness of the dish is spread out amongst its components, so the only good-tasting mouthfuls were the ones where I carefully loaded up the spoon with a mixture of sweet and less-sweet components. On a dish with two components, this is fine, but in a dish with 5 major components, it's just too complicated. Things need to be clearly paired, or edible on their own.

Tonight's feed was far below the usual standard for this place.

:) :) :) :)
Amazing view
Service. Overly nice, and slightly insincere.