Windy Point

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At Windy Point, with its spaceship-like view. Although, I didn't book, so I'm not near the windows. That's okay though. The other patrons can enjoy the view, on their special occasion. Windy Point is like my local pub. :)

Barossa Farm coq au vin

With baby onion, carrot, mushroom and parsnip cream.

Chicken doesn't have a huge amount of natural flavour, so I'm always looking for added flavour in fancy chicken dishes. This is nice, juicy chicken, but its wine sauce is basically "bottom of the pan juice."

The pleasant vegetables aren't anything amazing either. This was like a well-above-average Sunday roast.

Milk panna cotta

With Turkish baklava, chocolate parfait, rosewater essence and candied pistachio.

A "milk" panna cotta is probably the least-exciting panna cotta variant I've ever seen. However, it comes highly recommended.

This dessert looks like a plate of dog food. I'd better keep it hidden. I don't want all the local strays joining me at the table for a free feed. :)

The milk panna cotta is intentionally very subtle. The idea is that the baklava flavour can shine through. This sounds interesting, but this dessert feels really unusual. It's a custardy panna cotta, but with cubes of parfait (ice cream), and caky baklava. It's as random as it sounds. :)

Eavesdropped conversation of the night: a partisan political sermon ensues from a member of the table below me, followed by a long, awkward silence. If you can't make a subject into a pleasant discussion, best to not bring it to the dinner table. :)

:) :)