Yakumi on Urbanspoon

Japanese and Korean restaurants share a door and staff. Place is very full, so I’m sitting in the Korean part but ordering from Yakumi.

Basil Chicken

Stir fried with seasonal vegetables & fresh basil leaves.

This was the ubiquitous rice and fairly crispy vegetables dish you get at every Asian restaurant. The chilli and honey sauce was nice, but there were about 3-5 leaves of basil in the whole dish, so I had to eat one and be aware of it at the same time, otherwise I’d completely miss them.

Black sesame ice cream

Served with mixed berries sauce.

This just isn’t very nice. It’s not particularly sweet, and the sesame taste is unusual. What’s far worse is the texture. The ice cream is full of ground up sesame seeds of various piece sizes. This isn’t a light texture. This thing is at least a third sesame. I’m expecting to find Big Bird in here. The mixed berries sauce is like a runny jam, which is too minimal and subtle, and doesn’t go with the sesame taste anyway.