Apothecary 1878

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This is an interesting place. It’s like a fancy saloon, but with a cobblestone floor. Two of the chairs at my table are very tall lounge chairs. Lots of polished wood panelling and chandeliers. Brick cellar is interesting. “1878″ seems about right.

Beef fillet

With caramelised shallots and ashed goats cheese.

I think that sauce was a kind of pumpkiny thing. It was a bit on the tart side to eat by itself, but went nicely with the lamb. The lamb medallions were very nicely done. I ate them with the “ashed” goats cheese. It was all fairly pleasant, if unusual.

Baked pistachio custard with poached plum.

That was fairy floss. Either that or the sweetened hair of a little troll.

The minty plums were also “interesting”. The custard underneath was nice and smooth and sweet, and was covered by a kind of granola or crumble type of stuff.

Weirdest restaurant yet.