Augé Ristorante

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Top of the price list tonight. Fancy place full of business types.

Entree: Tomato Soup

The tiny serve of tomato soup was very nice. Strangely un-acidic.

Dorper lamb

The main was lamb with some kind of vegetable puree. On top were crunchy grains of barley, slivers of various crispy vegetables and maybe a beet sliver too. That was a nice garnish, but the style of disintegratingly tender lamb wasn’t to my liking. It was dry, and had a singular flavour I’d describe as “concentrated lamb”.

Fig leaf gelato

Very figgy. Pancaky shards didn’t add anything, but an interesting gelato nonetheless.

42.90 all up. Not bad.

(Although that’s AFTER they decided not to charge me for the main course, because I didn’t like it.) :D