Bliss Pizzeria Cafe

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Almost completed my main feeding run. Only a few non-Glenelg places to go now. My list is getting very low now. After last week’s disaster, where I tried three different places without finding one I could review, I’ve taken more care this time. I rang one place tonight, and confirmed my suspicion that they were just a second listing for the place next door. Another was closed down. And the one I’m at now is in the wrong price category. Oh we’ll, it rates highly on Urbanspoon.

At this high-rating pizza bar, I expect a really good pizza. “Grab a drink from the drinks fridge” isn’t the epitome of fine dining, but I’ll forgive that if the pizza is good. :)

I’m not expecting there’s any worthwhile dessert here. This might be a brief Feed Report. :)

Diciassette: Giovanni

Tomato, mozzarella, salsiccia and fresh basil.

Salsiccia is a type of sausage.

This is more interesting-looking than a typical pizza. There’s not much tomato, and the crust is more like a flat bread. The topping doesn’t reach the edge. I don’t feel like I’m eating anything unhealthy here. The olives stand out as the strongest taste, but the whole thing has a herby, spicy taste to it. I think there’s some sneaky artichoke in here.

While not amazing, this is among the best pizzas I’ve had.

Friendly pizza cooking guy rounds my bill down to $25.