Rickshaws Restaurant on Urbanspoon

After another “case of the missing restaurant”, I’ve scurried over to North Terrace, to Rickshaws, which only scores 61% on Urbanspoon, but is otherwise appropriate for my feeding purposes.

Lemongrass Chicken

Tender chicken pieces marinated with lemongrass, ginger, mild chilli, seasonal vegetables and oyster sauce.

Just remembered to ask about coriander at the last moment. Whew. My previous choice was riddled with the evil substance.

My dish is served. I bite into one of the dark beans. It’s a whole chilli, which instantly incinerates me. After many minutes if gnawing on my naan bread, the pain has subsided. I’m really not sure how whole chillies fit into a “mild” dish.

I’m not sure how naan bread goes with this stir fry with liquid in the bottom.

The chicken pieces are soft and nicely seasoned, and the vegetables are just slightly crispy. With the “lava beans” aka chillies removed, the dish is still a bit spicier than “mild”, but not unreasonably so.

I would’ve given this a seven, minus one for slightly too much spice. However, incinerating me at the start of the meal with a hot chilli innocuously mixed into my supposedly-mild dish was a huge downer. This is one of the hardest meals I’ve judged.

Apple and Cinnamon Wontons

Crispy fried wontons filled with apple and cinnamon, served with a honey glazed custard and vanilla ice cream.

These four little packets had the taste of cinnamon doughnuts, but were very crispy. The apple, pastry, and custard all had nice, string flavours, and the varying textures added a lot of interest. The custard was very thick and eggy.

The irrelevant blueberries and raspberry coulis were surprisingly good I polished them off last, with the remaining spot if ice cream. The coulis was sweet and smooth, with a strong raspberry taste. It could’ve been a dish on its own. The shard of sesame seed brittle was also irrelevant, but was light and crispy, and not the shard of toffee I was expecting.