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This restaurant contains all the things you'd expect in a typical North Adelaide restaurant. Tables, chairs, a small yellow car…

Pollo florentine

Chicken breast roasted with bacon, spinach and cream cheese, served with pressed potato, roasted vegetables and chicken reduction.

A giant chunk of chicken like this needs lots of flavour. The bacon does a good job on the outside as a surrogate flavour, and the spinach on the inside adds a kind of a "quiche" taste.

This is not too much different from a good Sunday roast. Just that it's Thursday.

Apricot Japonaise

Layers of almond meringue with apricot compote and cream.

Time for a song!

I'm turning Japonaise
I think I'm turning Japonaise
I really think so

This is like a tiramisu or cream sponge. It's a mushy cake, full of cream, something slightly tangy, and a faint apricot taste.

:( :(