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Giving Press another go. It's highly recommended, and a bit unusual. Will be doing a number of little dishes this time.

Mum's Dutch veal croquettes

These are salty, tangy, and slightly spicy, but these are all things I want as an accompaniment to a "real" taste. The veal on the inside is just a thin paste. It has no real taste. It could be 100% corn flour and not be too different.

Beef tartar, aioli, toast

Maybe beef tartar isn't for me. The salty raw beef isn't bad, but the texture of the raw (or almost-raw) egg is unpleasant. Amongst this are some strong and off putting tastes, like sesame and anchovy.

Was I supposed to just spread this on the toast? When I do that, it becomes like a spread, and tastes much more appropriate, and even pleasant.

Quinoa & lentil, pomegranate molasses, goat's curd

This is interesting. There's a lot of chewy grains in this. They don't have a real taste, but their texture is interesting enough. The slices of apple in here give the salad a slightly snacky kind of taste, and are the dominant flavour in the dish.

The radish and peas add a lot of subtle but important flavours here.

Chocolate tart, rhubarb ice cream

The tart is very soft—almost like Nutella. It's not that sweet, and tastes a bit too much like cocoa for me.

The rhubarb ice cream has a great fruit flavour and tang to it, and the sweet granola it sits in adds some texture. This doesn't taste like rhubarb, but it's certainly a powerful taste.

The slabs of rhubarb retain a nice little crunch, while still being very sweet, which is how I like them. :)

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