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Sean seems to also have a dining room.

Busy tonight, so I'm going to be seated outside, like one of those dogs leashed to a pole. :(

While I wait at the bar, I'm given free popcorn! I eat the popcorn. The salty, salty popcorn. :|

I guess I'm not really waiting to be seated here. I'm waiting for a table to free up. I was told they were preparing a table for me.

After fifteen minutes waiting at the bar and not buying a drink, I'm taken outside. There are numerous unoccupied, prepared tables out here.

The process is then repeated for the lady next to me.

Steamed Cone Bay barramundi

Tokyo turnips, lettuce hearts, organic soy broth.

Excellent tip: Unless it's blazingly hot, always bring a jacket to a restaurant. You'll sometimes be seated outside, or in cold air conditioning.

The fish sits in a kind of a soy sauce broth. It's slightly bitter, but it adds an interesting enough taste to the fish. Various vegetables sit in the broth too. This is a lot more like a regular soup than a fine fish dish. It's just various things chucked into a very basic broth. Certainly not value at $36.

After eating the solid parts, I'm not really inclined to lap up the salty water broth, so I leave it.

I give my feedback to the waiter. He says a lot goes into the broth. It tastes like one part soy sauce, in ten parts water. At least they tried to make it good. :)

Waiter gives me free 'zert!

Baked New York cheesecake

Strawberries, rhubarb.

The cake is sweet (which is how I like desserts), and has a good savoury cheesy bite. It's a big chunk, but it's not at all sickly.

The tangy fruit are a good match for the creamy cheesecake.

:( :( :( :(
Labyrinthine parking. Park across the road at the Playford instead.
15 minute wait to be "seated"
:) :)
Free 'zert!