Time for my monthly Feed Report. Don't worry though. I am eating the rest of the time. :)

1923 is a new restaurant, having opened in January.

Should I tell them it's 2016 now? They're out by 93 years. :|

Maybe I should send a telegram. :)

The place is completely empty when I arrive. The friendly waitress tells me I can sit anywhere. I'll be sensible and limit myself to sitting on seats.


Aged beef fillet served on a bed of creamy sweet potato mash, with potato crisps and rosemary jus.

Waitress tells me I probably don't need a side serve of vegetables with this. That's good to hear. Being sold unnecessary sides is one of my pet peeves.

Sometimes, I can guess the taste of something before I eat it. I figure this will taste like many other giant hunks of meat — slow-cooked or overcooked, with bitter and salty juice from the bottom of the pan. However, it turns out to be much better than that.

The meat is very soft, and nicely pink and squishy the whole way through, with no blood either. The rosemary jus adds a very slight tang, and the mash is just a pleasant texture. These things let the meat shine.

Blood orange and macadamia cake

With honey syrup and double cream.

This cake is moist and fluffy, but it's not really sweet enough. It contains bits of zest that gives it a slight bitterness, and also bits of almond that aren't a particularly nice texture. It makes the cake a bit like eating muesli.

The fruit is also a fairly random addition. It doesn't help the slightly bitter cake.

Friendly service.