Damien on Fisher

My trusty assistant Siri leads me into the suburbs, to a housing development. I don't need any houses. I just want food. However, there seems to be a restaurant in here.

I think this is a very fancy home for the elderly. Almost everyone here is old. :| There's even a library in here! With ye olde fashioned bookes, made of paper!

I hope there are lots of menu items that are soft, so I don't need my dentures.

Murray Valley Pork Cutlet

Marinated in sage, rosemary, thyme & oregano.

I hope those are herbs, and not old people. :|

The glaze on the cutlet forms a crisp shell, which adds amusement to my bites. I'm expecting the vegetables to be the "veg" from "meat and three veg", but they turn out to be a more interesting peppery and oily creation.

Peanut butter ice cream

With chocolate sauce.

I had low expectations for this dessert. My expectations were exceeded, somewhat.

The ice cream was a kind of a salted caramel deal that seems to be popular these days. The chocolate sauce wasn't just a squeeze from a bottle of 3L Cottees Chocolate Topping. It was slightly more refined than that.

The waitress confirms that the place is a "lifestyle retirement village." There's no panna cotta here. What kind of a life is that? :(

Very spacious. Sofas available.