Farina Pasta & Wine Bar

I'm not sure how pasta and wine will go together. We'll have to see.

The place is warm, thanks to the combustion of cellulose matter in the corner.

The main course items are all pasta. All the pasta items look interesting, so this is okay.


8 hour slow braised rabbit in brodo w/hazelnuts, marjoram.

I'm told this is very good. At the very least, I'll be putting the rabbit out of its misery.

This is actually more like a soup. It's buttery and salty, and the rabbit and pasta just add some texture and interest. I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to work, but it's not bad. Because it's so watery, the flavour is fairly subtle.

Nutella Semifreddo

w/ Haigh's hazelnuts, gianduja.

I've been told to dip my spoon into the stuff that's on the brown spoon, and then dip it into the glass.

This dessert is fairly complex, and has some nice flavours and textures, however, the Nutella simply overpowers the rest of the dessert. It has a stronger taste and texture, and lingers in my mouth longer.

Freddo Frog would be displeased to have his name used on this dessert.