Blackwood is a new restaurant. Guess where it's located.

You guessed correctly. It's located on Rundle St, in the city. :|

This used to be StreetADL, whose mediocre food I sampled only once.


I usually don't order side dishes, but I was recommended the damper. I'll exclude this from the total cost.

It comes with "barbecue chicken butter." This sounds strange, but it actually turns out to be totally tasteless. This doesn't hurt the damper in any way, but it still doesn't qualify as butter. Maybe I should've applied the chicken butter, and then asked for butter. :)

Ling fish

Burnt leeks, potato, Geraldton wax.

In case you were wondering, Geraldton wax is a herb.

Also, in case you were wondering, burnt leek is a leek that's been burnt.

The fish is very lightly cooked, and has a slightly raw texture. This is actually fairly interesting. The herbs on the fish give a planty and citrusy hint of flavour.

However, the dish is lukewarm. I send it off to be reheated. After this, the fish is warm, but the mashed potato is still lukewarm. The mashed potato certainly has a "burnt" flavour, but the tasty leeks themselves do not.

I can't say that "burnt" is one of my favourite flavours.

Peanut & macadamia parfait

Lili pili, native currant.

The main log of parfait is dense, and has a strong nutty flavour.

It looks like someone has broken up an ice cream tub, and put the pieces on my dessert. Thankfully, this is not the case. It's pieces of meringue.

The lili pili bittis are too weak to add much to the parfait. A strong or sour taste here would probably be necessary.

Despite this, the nougat log shines through.

Time to go home and hibernate through the rest of the winter. :)