Club Bragg at Public Schools Club

With its ultra-confusing name,I had to do a fair bit of research to work out what this place is. Luckily, it does contain a relatively normal restaurant. Many people here are wearing formal attire, and everyone seems to know each other.

The place has wood panelled walls, and I would describe the decor overall as "a bit old."

The staff and patrons at the bar are happy to help, though I have to politely decline their offer to join the committee.

I move that Daniel be given a free meal. Seconded Daniel.

Fillet Steak

Tender fillet cooked to your liking, topped with red wine jus, served on chats and greens.

"Chat" is French for cat. :)


My feedy sense is giving me bad vibes right now. The menu items are fairly expensive, but it's still pretty normal stuff. Surf n Turf, schnitzel, and other very pedestrian fare. The desserts are equally pedestrian.

I may be wrong here. The food might just be really good.

A suited man comes to my table, and offers his hand. I shake his hand, but tell him I'm just a restaurant patron. He asks if I'd like to join him at his table, where he's seated with several other people. Apparently he's the chairman of the place. I have to decline, because I'm Feed Reporting ( not that I say that.) This is both very kind, and very unusual for a restaurant.

Another gentleman approaches my table. They've opened a nice bottle of wine, and he offers me a glass. I don't drink, so I have to decline again.

The steak arrives, and I tuck in.

It's as I expected. It's just a plain, non-tender steak you could get anywhere, at any price. Its sauce is plain gravy. The only other contents of the plate are regular boiled potatoes, and a large piece of broccolini. At $39, it's massively underwhelming.

I don't really need to eat dessert here. I already know what I'll say.

While this place is open to the public, and is listed as a restaurant, it really isn't.

The room is full of friendly 60-plus types, all in big groups, but I feel like I'm a guest at a wedding, where I don't know anyone. If I were looking for a social club, where I'd get to know people, this seems like a fantastic place. As a standard restaurant experience, however, I can't really recommend it.

:( :( :( :( :(
Not a restaurant