Gadzooks! It's time for the monthly Feed Report.

This place is in the Sage Hotel, on South Terrace. Apparently this place is popular with wise men.

I assume "zouk" is a middle-eastern marketplace or something. Better look it up.

zouk (n), a style of dance music.


Slow baked osso bucco

Spiced baby potatoes, mushrooms and sugo sauce.

Osso bucco is supposed to be a kind of a casserole. Here, it's basically just a chop. The tomato sauce is really just a garnish, and I'm pretty sure this dish contains a single, small mushroom. Other than the potatoes, this really is just a chop. It's a nice chop, however.

This main course wasn't much ch…

Never mind.

Mascarpone Pavlova

Poached mixed berries, almond crumble & passionfruit coulis.

Cleary named after the infamous mobster Mascarpone.

The passionfruit coulis here is unusual, but provides a nice, refreshing taste. Most pavlovae have a berry coulis.

Maybe I'll book a room, and sleep off this food I've eaten. :)