And the winner is...

After a year of eating at all of Adelaide's 110 fanciest restaurants, then re-eating at the top fifty of those, then the top twenty, then the top five...

The Feed Report awards Jolley's Boathouse the title of "Best Feed in Adelaide".

Explanation of Scoring

The Feed Report's Top 50 and Top 20 repeatedly raised the bar, requiring higher and higher scores to make the cut. However, my Top 5 reversed this, with all five of the Top 5 dropping way down the list after my final visit, and leaving other restaurants outside the Top 5 at the top of my charts. (See the Scores Page, top right, for full scores.)

My tastes have changed somewhat, but the main explanation for the drop in scores of my Top 5 is that by my fourth visit to a restaurant, I've already eaten their recommended dish(es), and am forced to eat things further down their list of recommendations. Often, on my fourth visit there was only a single choice remaining on the menu, other than things that are boring (like steaks), or I don't eat (gizzards, coriander, very spicy food.) I'll soon alter my scoring system, to factor this in.

Next week: "Future Feedings" - where The Feed Report is going next.