Feeds Ahead

I've now finished my Initial Run of 110 of Adelaide's fanciest restaurants, and the top 50, top 20, and top 5 of those.

Now, it's time to move on to new restaurants.

Here's the schedule for the next few months:

NEW ADDITIONS (15-20 restaurants)
This includes restaurants that have appeared/opened in the last several months.

Also, my cut-off for my original 110 restaurants was that the restaurant had to be in the $$$ or $$$$ price categories on Urbanspoon, and have a score of 70% or more. Since my first feedings, numerous restaurants have now moved inside this boundary. I will visit these places.

HILLS OF FEED (5-10 restaurants)
There's a number of restaurants further out, that I didn't visit earlier. I've marked these all on my map, and it turns out they're all in the Adelaide Hills.

New feedings begin on Monday.