The Final Feeds!

The Feed Report will be concluding at the end of this month, with the final report being on the 26th June 2015.

More than two years ago, I strayed from the local pub I’d been eating at every day for six months, and visited a nearby fancy restaurant. I took a photo of my dinner, and posted it to Facebook, with a few words. This was the beginning of The Feed Report, which would become the #2 food blog in Adelaide.

Since then, I’ve been to every (good) remotely fancy restaurant in Adelaide, and written 390 reports. I can’t honestly claim to know nothing about food any more. :) I’ve eaten all manner of bizarre and intriguing things, and broadened my feeding horizons a million fold, all while evading the evil of coriander.


A number of factors have come together at the same time, to contribute to this decision.

- The acquisition and assimilation of Urbanspoon by conglomerate Zomato has deprived the Feed Report of its largest source of traffic. I’m getting increasingly-good traffic from Facebook and Google, but this was a big hit.

- I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been to almost every (half-decent) fancy restaurant, and at an increasing number of them, I’ve simply eaten every dish on their menu that I could eat. This is even more so for desserts. Adelaide isn’t big enough for my voracious appetite. :)

- I want to eat at my favourite restaurants. This cycle, I started with my favourites, and now I’m going down the list. I enjoy writing, and trying new places, but nowhere is new any more. Repeatedly going to inferior restaurants just doesn’t make sense.

- I’m running out of gags, and excellent tips! :)


I’ll be using the last weeks of The Feed Report to do second visits to some high-rating places I’ve only visited once, and to do a few final new restaurants. Then, the site will become a comprehensive resource of Adelaide’s fanciest and best restaurants, and not a blog. It will remain online permanently. It’s not going anywhere. :)

While The Feed Report will have concluded, my need for carbohydrates will be ongoing! I’ll keep going to fancy restaurants, but it will be my favourite 10-20, repeatedly. That wouldn’t be interesting reading for long. :)

I’ll make a final post on the 26th. Until then, it's business as usual. :)