Future Feeds

I haven't been particularly happy with my Frugal Feeds. It's been a lot of scores of 5-6. Also, it's less interesting for me, and for readers, as the food in this "$$" category is often very mundane. I need new material for Feed Reports, but Adelaide has a fixed number of restaurants. Novelties like Hills of Feed and New Additions were good, but didn't last long. I could endlessly decline into cheaper and cheaper restaurants, but that's not going to be interesting or tasty.

Future Feeds:

The Feed Report will now do an annual cycle. This will mean lots of fancy restaurants and interesting feed. I'll be revisiting some of the same restaurants, but it will be a year between visits, when that happens. (And I'll be ordering different feed each time.)

The 2014-2015 cycle will begin this week. It will include:
- The top fancy restaurants from UrbanSpoon. (The $$$ and $$$$ categories.)
- My top restaurants.
- New fancy restaurants.
- Any "$$" restaurants that take my fancy.
- Miscellaneous things, such as places recommended by friends.
I may end with a "Top 10 for the year" or similar.

In the middle of next year, the cycle will end, and a new one will begin.

Keep your snout peeled!