It's not (quite) the end

I recently announced that The Feed Report would be ending today. This was due to the combination of running out of restaurants (I've basically been everywhere fancy), the assimilation of my main traffic source (Urbanspoon) into the amateur startup “Zomato”, and, finally, my desire to eat at my favourite restaurants a lot more.

After considering things, I have some slightly better news to report.

I've created a very large resource here, and it needs very little work to keep it complete. As such, The Feed Report will continue, but only to add new restaurants. This phase will mean there's a new report probably only once every month or two, but the site will continue to cover every good, fancy, dinnertime restaurant.

You can look forward to more feeds in future! (Just at a reduced frequency.) :)

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to contact me, on the About page, if you'd like to say something. :)