TFR: Top 5 Begins

Greetings feeders! The Feed Report Top 20 has concluded, and the Top 5 has begun.

The Feed Report began with me going to 110 of Adelaide's fanciest restaurants - every restaurant in Urbanspoon's "$$$" and "$$$$" categories, that had a score of 70%+.

I then took the top fifty of those (all restaurants I gave a score of at least 6.6 to) and revisited them. I then took the top twenty of those (the cutoff for this was a score of 7.0), and now I'm doing the Top 5, which is the five restaurants with scores of 7.5 or more.

Restaurant Score
Lenzerheide 7.6
Alphutte 7.5
Jolley's Boathouse 7.5
North (at Casino) 7.5
Windy Point 7.5

See my Scores page (top right of screen) for full list of all scores and Feed Reports.