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It's been many weeks since my last Feed Report, so I'm very hungry.

This place is on King William Street, next to the decidedly average Jamie's Italian. I ascend a lift to level six, then another to level eight.

I ask for a glass of water, and a Diet Coke with a slice of lime. If you just drink regular Diet Coke, you're very uncultured. I also ask for a straw. I'm provided with a plate, with two straws on it, plus the Diet Coke comes with its own two straws, for a record FOUR STRAWS!!!

That's the last straw.

Eye fillet tartare

Raw beef, shallot, cornichons, parsley, olive soil, free range egg yolk and fries.

The menu is divided into three handy sections, small, medium, and large. I ask what would be a good size for a main course. I'm told the large dishes are very large, and would be too big as a main course. So, I enquire about the medium dishes. Apparently they're too small to be a main course. :|

Now I know how Goldilocks felt.

Despite being raw meat and raw egg, this doesn't taste like it. It has a taste slightly like coleslaw, but with some even-tangier bits in it. It's a pleasant taste, but the original taste of the meat has really been erased.

The tiny slices of toast help to mute the flavour a bit. The end result is a very pleasant lunch.

I munch on the French fries for a while, before coming to the conclusion that it's 'zert time.

Apple Zeppole

Rhubarb and rosewater soup with mascarpone.

The apple purée, rosewater soup, and pieces of fruit are all superb. They create a complex fruity taste. It's just a pity that these are just condiments for three glorified cinnamon doughnuts.

The doughnuts are doughier than regular bready donuts, but have basically the same bland taste. I think I'd rather just ignore them, and eat the rest of this dish.

:( :( :( :(