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Being Friday night, this place is packed. I'm reduced to sitting at the bar with other riff-raff. :)

The menu is done on a typewriter. It contains such delights as COWS HEAD SHAKA, PERI PERI GIBLETS, and MONKEY NUTS.

Mmm… authentic. :)

Fish of the night

I wonder if "Fish of the Night" is anything like a "lady of the night." ;D


The fish is King George Whiting. It has a very pleasant, buttery taste, despite being simple, fried fish. However, there are so many microscopic bones that the dish becomes painfully laborious to eat. There comes a point where there's a lot of meat left, but it has rows of detached bones in it. Despite my careful autopsy, I have to give up.

The preserved vegetables are very potent. It's like eating a jar of pickled onions. Edible, but not pleasant.

The dish of vegetables is carrots, twice-cooked in yoghurt. It has a very unusual and potent taste. It's a combination of "fermented" and "burnt". It's not as bad as it sounds. It is actually edible. But only just.

The red stuff is a kind of polenta, in a tomato sauce.

Hazelnut ice cream

Lemon cream, caramelised white chocolate, corn crumbs.

The hazelnut ice cream has a strong hazelnut taste, but the larger puff of lemon cream is just sour, as would be expected. When combined carefully, they can balance, but that usually doesn't happen, and I get bursts of sourness.

The crispy bits add saltiness and texture, but the canned corn kernels in the bottom of the dish are not tasteable. That's probably a good thing. :)

:( :( :( :(
Parking. Nothing nearby if you can't find a park on Rundle St.